Swimming Lessons

Last month Lincoln did swim classes at our YMCA. The lessons were very simple and geared towards babies. It wasn’t one of those classes where they toss the kid in the pool as the mother stands by helpless. Do they really even do that or is that just a mother’s nightmare version of swim classes?

Since Lincoln is just over 1 year, I definitely wasn’t expecting him to be doing the breast stroke or signing up for the junior Olympics after a few classes, but he really did learn some things. He knows where the wall of the pool is and pulls himself up there. He also learned to kick his legs. Overall, I think he’s much more comfortable around the water now. We’ll probably go again next summer as a refresher. He’s definitely a water baby, and I want to do our best to teach him to have fun & be safe around it.

Mike got to come to one class with us and snapped some photos for me.

The only thing he didn’t like about lessons was being made to lie on his back. Not a fan.

Drying off after class.

Waving to some random person. Mr Social.

One thought on “Swimming Lessons

  1. I love Mr. Social. I’m glad he didn’t learn to swim since my four year old isn’t even close-lol. I’m sure he’ll be Michael Phelps by next summer. He’s too cute.

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