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Yogurt Drama

There’s one thing I usually never struggle with Lincoln over, and that’s food. He loves to eat. He’s typically a bottomless pit, in fact. At dinner, he eats almost as much as I do. He loves pretty much all food, but some things stand out as his favorites. Bananas, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi & yogurt. Do you see the pattern there? Sweet things. He does eat his veggies really well, but the foods that make him go crazy are the sweet fruits & yogurts.

We discovered several months ago that Lincoln had a slight obsession with yogurt. I have to make sure he doesn’t see the tub of yogurt at the grocery store or at home unless I intent on feeding it to him immediately. Here’s how an episode of a yogurt feeding typically goes. First, he spots the yogurt in my hand and starts flailing his arms everywhere and saying “more” as fast and as loudly as possible. Next, he eats the yogurt as I spoon feed it to him. Here’s where things get complicated. At some point, the tub of yogurt only has one spoon full left. I brace myself and give him the last bite. I quickly dispose of the empty container and throw the spoon in the sink. Lincoln starts screaming and freaking out like someone has just told him that Chobani is no longer going to make his favorite baby Greek Yogurt. In short, he starts throwing a fit. You’ve never seen anything like it. (Well, if you have kids, I’m sure you probably have, just not over yogurt)

At this point, I try to remain calm and just tell him that he’s fine until he comes down from his Hulk-like state of mind. (You don’t want to see Lincoln angry!) One of the first times he did this, I went and got another tub of  baby crack yogurt. He ate the second tub with the same ferocity as the first, and guess what happened when the second tub was empty? Had his taste for yogurt been satiated? No. The exact same fit started all over again. He was asking for more. I’m convinced the kid would blow through 4 tubs before slowing down, but considering how expensive that would be (and not to mention how out of balance that would make his diet), I don’t want to see if I’m right. So for now, I have one of his favorite Van’s organic blueberry waffles on hand and quickly distract him with that, praying that the fit of rage will end quickly if I ignore him. Lest you think I’m starving him and he’s crying because he’s hungry, here’s what his breakfast usually consists of: 8-10 oz of organic whole milk, 1 tub of Greek yogurt, one organic blueberry waffle, a banana and sometimes a scrambled egg.

One morning as Mike was walking out the door for work, I asked him if he had fed Lincoln or not. (Sometimes he feeds him when I’m still in the bedroom, so I have to ask to make sure we don’t double up on breakfast.) Mike looked at me seriously and said, No I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like dealing with yogurt drama this morning.

And that’s a typical morning in our house right now.

Attitude much?

Some crazy hair after playing outside on a hot summer day.

2 thoughts on “Yogurt Drama

  1. I don’t believe you. That face does not look like one with drama. Lincoln told me you are the dramatic one and that you insist on feeding him the yogurt and that you make him eat every last bite. Heidi, that’s so last generation.

  2. HAHAHAHA I have TOTALLY seen the yogurt drama! :) I love that face of his….So precious even though its so filled with rage sometimes hahaha

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