Special Occasions

Independence Celebration

July 4th is just quintessential summertime. I love it. This year we went to the beach on Sunday and then had a cookout Monday. I decided about a week before that we would have people over, so I was a little disorganized. (Not surprising) If we would have stayed home Sunday to prepare, things would have been simpler, but I couldn’t turn down a day at the beach. So I kind of threw everything together Monday morning. It wasn’t the cutest party I’ve ever had, but our friends & family had lots of fun with us, and that’s what really matters. I kind of neglected to take photos once everyone arrived. I guess I was too busy talking to everyone and forgot. That night we went to see our city’s fireworks and they were ah-mazing. Seriously. For such a small town, their firework display was incredible.

Here are a few photos from before I apparently forgot that I owned a camera.

Remember the wreath from Lincoln’s birthday party? I took the blue & yellow ribbon off of it and replaced it with red ribbon and blue & white fabric rosettes. 

I really wanted to try a ruffle cake. The result was a funky looking cake that tasted really good. I think I learned from my mistakes and my next ruffle cake will look better….I hope.

My dad said, “Oh those strawberries are so original! I can’t believe you thought of that!” My sisters-in-law and I just laughed and said, “It’s not original, it’s Pinterest!”

Cheesecake shots with raspberries, blueberries & pastry stars.

Yummy strawberry lemonade that my mom made.

The ghetto fabulous way to cool your patio by about 50 degrees? Put your beach canopy up there! Duh! So not cute, but so worth it to get some relief from the heat.

Lincoln was festive in his outfit that Stephanie made him for his birthday. Unfortunately, those lovely white pants were black in about 2.5 seconds. What can I say? He’s a boy.

Booty shot.

3 thoughts on “Independence Celebration

  1. I kept saying the same thing about those strawberries! I love it when everyone I’m around doesn’t use Pinterest. They think I’m genius. My mouth watered with those shots! Cute too. I can’t handle how cute Lincoln looked in the pants! Did you tell him of how hard it was to line them and that he had no business getting them dirty? I’m glad he got to wear the get-up for something special since that lovely white linen fabric I so stupidly picked out is now probably permanently grayish brown. Oh well. The pictures were frickin adorable. Worth every second I spent on them. His two year outfit will be a black bib or something. Don’t worry.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I am so impressed with all of your decorations! Just adorable :). And I cannot wait to see your new porch furniture in person! Love it all :)

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