These Days, I am Truly Living

From Dear Baby Blog

“Despite the exhaustion and the mess and the occasional tears, every morning I wake up feeling so grateful to have these days with my family. I am most certain when I am a very old lady, I will look back on these few months with such fondness. These days, I am truly living.”

I have this feeling at least once each week. When motherhood is overwhelming me, I stop & remember that one day I will be an old lady (God willing), and I will wish I could have this time back. These are the absolute sweetest days of my life.


One thought on “These Days, I am Truly Living

  1. I think that Vitamin D milk is fattening him up again. He’s adorable. You and mike aren’t too bad either-lol. I needed reminded that these are sweet days today. I wanted to garage sale this morning and as soon as I got to the first sale, Graham started vomiting all over the back seat. Then, Parker took one look and started heaving. It didn’t feel sweet, but reading this post made me check my attitude. Thank you.

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