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Father’s Day Numero Dos


This weekend was Mike’s 2nd Father’s Day! I asked him what he wanted to do for his special day, and he said all he wanted was to go to the beach. YES. I was all about that. So we packed up the car (that is an event in itself these days), and we headed off to New Smyrna. Lincoln was much more comfortable at the beach this time than he has been in the past. In fact, he basically acted like he owned the place. I had to keep my eye on him every second, because he would randomly take off down the beach all on his own.

We had a nice, relaxing day and celebrated Lincoln’s amazing daddy. Mike is truly everything I hoped he would be as a dad. He’s totally hands on. The minute he’s home from work, he’s in the trenches changing diapers and usually handling bed time all on his own. I’m incredibly thankful to share the parenting experience with him.

Just chilling.









My boys :)



Chasing the soccer ball down the beach. Not even a little concerned with leaving mom & dad behind.

He crawled back and forth, back and forth along the surf board.


His traditional nap on the beach. I take a picture every time. Don’t know why, but it’s just cute.

We met Mike’s friend, Herbert, and his boys at the beach. Mike & Herbert have been friends since the 1st grade, and now they both have kids of their own. Lincoln was really into watching the big boys play.

Waiting on daddy to load the car up.

We did the unthinkable on this trip. We forgot to bring a paci. Once we realized our error, we stopped at a store and prayed they had the right kind. Well, they did, but the only color choice they had was pink & purple. After Mike popped it in his mouth, he actually ripped it out and stared at it like he was confused. Thankfully he decided to not discriminate against the girly paci.












2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Numero Dos

  1. perfect day! Love that last paci picture. And, that quilt is so so cute. Thankful you are blessed with such an awesome hubby and dad for linc!!!

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