Sweet Summertime

This past weekend was especially wonderful.  After spending a week at the beach with my family (down in Southwest Florida), Mike & I got to spend a day at Ormond Beach with only adults. You read that right. I had 14 hours to enjoy my husband and friends without a baby in tow. I realized it was the first time since he’s been born that I spent that much time without him except for days I was working. My friend turned 30, and  to celebrate we spent a lazy day at the beach with her AND got to eat an adults only dinner out at a restaurant AND hang out late into the evening. Oh, and I read an entire magazine uninterrupted on the beach that day. It was beyond fabulous.

Then we spent Sunday (after Mike got off of work) out on one of the local lakes with some friends. I jumped off the back of the boat and splashed around with a 5 and 7 year old like I was one of them. I love when you spend every day in your swimsuit! Even though the heat and humidity will be out of control soon, I’m still looking forward to the next couple of months. Having Lincoln around kind of makes me feel like a kid again.

There’s really nothing like summer. And more specifically, there’s nothing like summertime in Florida. It’s definitely one of the perks of living here. I promised myself that when I had children I wouldn’t work too hard during the summers, and I plan to keep that promise. I’m limiting my bookings so I can spend lots of time with Lincoln doing the things we love to do.

Like playing in the kiddie pool.

Taking afternoon naps.

Hanging out at the lake.

And of course, going to the beach!

Enjoying his bucket and shovel he got for his birthday.

Taking full advantage of spending a week with my mom. She gave him sweet cereal instead of his usual plain Cheerios. He shoveled it in.

A healthy banana this time. He’s really into eating as you can see.

Sleeping on the pier while daddy fished. June 2011.

Remember this photo from the same pier in August 2010? Can’t believe how much he’s changed.

Venice Pier June 2011.

Venice Pier August 2010.

Giving kisses.

He slept through this particular afternoon walk on the beach.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime

  1. The day at the beach sounds like HEAVEN!!!! How times have changed…! I can’t deny I am jealous of you still having FL summers!! What lake is that? It is so so pretty and clear. It is crazy what a year can do to a baby! But, he still has those unbelievable eyes!!! And girl, you look amazing!!!!

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