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Our Little Man Turns One

A few months back my sister-in-law, Caimbrin, said, “Wouldn’t it be cute to take a picture of Lincoln with a little mustache?” And I thought that would be not only a cute photo, but a cute party. We have always called him our “Little Man”, so I thought a Little Man party with neck ties, bow ties & mustaches would be really fun. I was thinking that I had come up with such an original idea for a first birthday party….until I googled it. Whadaya know? There were tons of Little Man parties online. So much for originality. Luckily that meant there were lots of photos to help me come up with ideas.

Fast forward to the night before the party. Stephanie & I were baking the cupcakes when Mike informed me that we were suddenly having plumbing problems. This was around 8 or 9 pm. We’ve lived in this house for more than 6 years and NEVER had any issues like this. But the night before I’m going to have 40 people coming over, the plumbing decides to go kaput. This is the kind of thing that happens to me. So I call my mom and asked if we could move the party to her house since 40 people and 0 toilets is not a good idea. She said that would be fine, but Mike continued to work on the plumbing. Now it’s 11:00 pm, I’m trying to finish baking, and we have no water. No water in the kitchen while baking is less than ideal. Around 12:30, Mike announces to me that he and his dad have fixed the problem, but it’s going to take a while to clean up the…..well, the mess. We won’t even talk about that. So around 2:00 am, we are finally heading to bed. Needless to say, we were completely exhausted from the whole ordeal when we woke up Saturday morning, but at least we were able to have the party at our home like we had originally planned.

I went a little craft happy with this party, but it was so fun. I am so, so lucky to have the family & friends that I have. Stephanie & her family drove all the way from West Virginia to be at the party. Stephanie helped me with the buttercream and fondant and helped guide me and give me pep talks while decorating Lincoln’s cake. She’s more experienced than the I am in the baking & cake decorating department, so it was a huge help to have her around. My two sisters-in-law, brothers, & parents were at my house hours before the party helping me put it together. I can’t thank them enough for hanging banners, blowing up balloons, making mustaches and basically being my party slaves ;)

Lincoln is one very loved baby. Our home was filled with people celebrating his life. It was such an amazing day, and I’m so thankful that God has blessed our lives with Lincoln.

Thanks to Caimbrin for sewing this for me at the last minute!

Birthday boy’s cake

Steph taught me how to make marshmallow fondant and helped with the oh-so-tedious stripes & polka dots.

Caimbrin & Lauren made the fun mustaches to attach to the IBC Root Beer. The root beer was a hit!

He loved the icing.

And then the meltdown began.

2 thoughts on “Our Little Man Turns One

  1. I had so much fun spending time together! The party was super cute and Lincoln is amazing. I love him and feel like he is in my family even though he technically isn’t. Love you and can’t wait until next visit!

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