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12 Months of Lincoln

Dear Lincoln,

When you were born, everyone told me to enjoy every moment, because you would be grown before I knew it. Of course I nodded my head politely, but I never imagined how right they were. In my head, you’re still my tiny baby. But when I look at you, I can see that the baby phase is quickly coming to a close. You are growing, changing & becoming more of a little boy right before my eyes.

This day last year was the absolute best day of my life. When you were born, your daddy & I were smitten. Holding you for the first time is my favorite memory. I can still see your tiny face and the way you looked at me like you knew I was your mommy. As much as we enjoyed those first days & months, your daddy & I agree that we love & enjoy you even more now. Your personality is infectious. You bring so much to our family, and really, I think that having you has finally made us feel like our own family.

We love you more than words can say. You’ll always be our baby boy. Happy Birthday. We can’t wait to celebrate with all your friends & family this weekend!



11 Months

12 Months

First Year

2 thoughts on “12 Months of Lincoln

  1. Happy Birthday baby Lincoln. We love you and think you are the most special thing ever! So glad we’ve been able to be a small part of your life and cannot wait to watch you grow up and get bigger. You are as handsome as they come and I personally think you have gotten some of your parents best attributes. It kind of seems you have your daddy’s cheesy humor and your momma’s attitude. If you have half her wit, you’ll be set. We can’t wait to see your sweet face this weekend!!!

  2. Happy happy day sweet boy!!! It is so fun to look back at all the pics at once. Months 5 and 9…. so cute and so chunky! It is crazy how much they change in a few weeks. Have such a fun birthday party and eat lots of cake!!! You gotta get it while you can! Love y’all!!!

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