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His Bark is Bigger Than His Bite

I mentioned in an earlier post that Lincoln has learned to bark. Well today I bring you the proof. When he was first on all fours staring into Leo’s face barking at him, we all thought it was a fluke or just something that happened in the moment. It wasn’t. That was in March, and the barking is still going strong. Leo is my sister-in-law’s 5 pound Pomeranian Poodle mix. Lincoln’s bark sounds exactly like his, so he definitely has a small breed sound. Very high pitched and squeaky. Nice, right?

On our trip to the zoo, he barked at the lamas and goats. As soon as we pull into the driveway, he starts barking because he knows our dogs are about the start when they hear that we’re home. One day he was asleep in his car seat as we pulled into the driveway. Well I guess the sound of the garage opening woke him up, because he sat straight up from his nap & immediately started barking. When he heard this video of himself barking, he barked. And as you will see from the video, he likes to watch the dogs play outside, and you guessed it, bark at them.

He’s super into dogs, barking & really all animals. In fact, sometimes it feels like we have 3 dogs now instead of 2. We have a baby gate that keeps the dogs out of our master bedroom. They used to be allowed in there, but when I got pregnant I decided I needed a dog-free zone in the house. If I’m in the bedroom, Peanut & Blondie will often sit right outside the gate and stare me down. So one day I’m in my room getting ready, and Lincoln & the dogs are out playing in the living room. All of a sudden I look down, and there’s the 3 of them all staring up at me. Lincoln on all fours in between Peanut & Blondie. When they hear Mike’s truck pull in the driveway in the afternoon, all 3 of them scurry towards the door barking.

Lincoln is quickly approaching his first birthday, & I sometimes worry that he’s not saying as many words as “they” say he should be. (Dada, Yay, Mama & Baba are all we’ve got so far) So if they ask me about it at his doctor’s appointment later this month, I’ll just tell them, he might not be able to talk, but he can sure bark.

(This video was before our big patio makeover. This reminds me how much better it looks these days. Oh, and there’s no sound until 8 seconds. That’s when he sees Blondie.)

8 thoughts on “His Bark is Bigger Than His Bite

  1. Better dogs than tigers!! My oldest great grandson had an obsession with tigers when he was a toddler. He was with me one day and I was holding his hand and we were talking, not sure about what, it could have been tigers. He put his mouth on my lower arm, just above my wrist…I thought, no he’s not going to…but he did. I was sure there would be a hunk of flesh missing when I finally got him off my arm. Thankfully, no blood, but a nice mouth shaped bruise!! I yelled, and he said, “But, Mammaw, tigers bite!” He’s almost 10 yrs. old now, and still has all his teeth!!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! This reminds me of an episode of Modern Family. Claire was like, “Do you remember when Luke was little and barked at everyone?” Phil replied, “And I understood him!”

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