Special Occasions

Mother’s Day 2011

Last Mother’s Day:

(The fat face kills me to look at now)

This Mother’s Day:

20+ pounds lighter and a baby in hand. Major improvement, right?

We had lunch with my parents and brothers and Mike’s parents at a fun little place on the water in The Villages. It was a gorgeous day, and we ate out on the patio by the lake. Gotta love spring.

I have to say that as this first year has gone by, I’ve found myself loving motherhood more and more. There was a time when he was younger that the whole thing felt so overwhelming. I can remember thinking that even though I loved this little boy so much, maybe I wasn’t cut out for this job. I remember hearing other women say that they felt they were born to be mothers, and I just didn’t feel that way. I found myself questioning whether or not I wanted to go back to work full time rather than keeping my part time schedule. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved this child from the moment I knew he existed, but it took me a while to settle into my new life. While I’m still not sure that I was “born to be a mother”, I’d say that I’m loving this stage of my life. My old temptation to define myself by my career and to try to become some famous photographer has faded. I still love my job and I enjoy the time I do have to devote to it, but having Lincoln has helped me put things into focus and prioritize my life.

While I still have difficult days (as any mother does), I truly enjoy my new life. I love my days spent with Lincoln. I love reading to him, watching him play, taking him to the park, and even attending play groups once in a while. (Something I never thought I’d say) I took some time this Mother’s Day to just look at that baby boy and be thankful that he’s in my life, and that I’m a mom to such a fun, silly & cute little guy.

I promise his jeans are long enough. They just get scrunched up when we hold him and make it look like I dress my kid in high waters.

I had a hard time getting him to stop hugging daddy so we could get a picture together.

Hiding the binky behind my back so maybe we can get one photo without that thing.

One thought on “Mother’s Day 2011

  1. You look so pretty!!! These are some of my favorite pictures of you, seriously! I would never say either of us were born to be mothers, but being a mother was definitely something you (and I) were meant to do…along with other things like photography (well, you on this one). You are such a great mom…really, a great mom. I’m totally partial…but even though I “dove in” first, I’ve still learned things from you. Lincoln is a blessed little boy.

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