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Nine & Ten Months

I’m behind again. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s 11 months, but I’m posting his 9 & 10 month photos. I took them at the appropriate time, but never posted them. I’ll post his 11 & 12 month photos together after his birthday.

Dear Lincoln,

There’s only one word to describe this time in your life: mobility. Holy cow. I’m amazed at how much your ability to move around the world changed and improved. At eight months, you were just pulling up in your crib, pulling up on the furniture, just crawling forward. Now, watch out world. You learned to crawl really, really quickly. You walk while you’re holding onto things like the couch. You’re just quick. You’re everywhere. I often say that I feel like I have a stalker, because every time I turn around, you’re right there at my feet.

You call for dada when you see him and you want him to come pick you up. You only call for mama when you’re mad. Really not fair. Maybe one of the funniest ways that you communicate is by barking. Yes, barking. After spending a weekend with your Aunt Lauren’s 5 pound puppy, you started barking just like him. Now you love to follow your doggies around barking at them, too. I’ll have to post the video we have of you doing this sometime. You actually sound exactly like Leo, the 5 pound Pompoo.

You have more hair, but still only 2 teeth. Something else you learned to do was to jump. Well, it’s more of a bounce since your feet don’t leave the ground. I’ll say, “jump, jump, jump!”, and you’ll stop wherever you are and start bouncing with a big grin on your face.

Your daddy and I love you so much, and feel that our time with you as a baby is slipping by so quickly. The next monthly post will have your birthday photo, and I just can’t believe it.



9 months

10 months. Getting skinnier. That’s a relative term. I definitely wouldn’t want that figure, but he’s thinner than he used to be. Haha

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