Little Moments in Lowe’s

Let’s face it. Some days, being a mom is tough. Some days it isn’t fun at all.

Some days are monumental. Full of big “firsts” or special occasions.

But most days just are. Nothing special. Nothing monumental. Just regular old days. Since most days are just normal, it’s important to learn to celebrate those days and enjoy those simple moments as they come. I want to make sure that I remember those times with Lincoln. Not just his first Easter, but the days that we just enjoyed each other’s company.

We had a day like that this week. I had to go to Lowe’s to buy paint for the living room. As I pushed Lincoln in the cart through the store, he was just in the best mood. He smiled at each person we passed. He giggled as his eyes explored all the fun, new things in the huge store. And as we waited for our paint to be mixed, we had the best time together. He flashed his two-teeth smile at the lady behind the counter. He gave me hugs and kisses without me asking for them. He showed off his new trick of throwing his hands above his head and mimicking my voice as I squealed, “Yay!!!!” A lady walked by smiling at us and said, “You look like a good mom”. And it was just a fun, sweet few moments shared between us. Right in the middle of Lowe’s while waiting for our paint to be mixed.

Little moments like that might not seem blog-worthy to some, but part of the reason I started this blog was to remember the moments in between. Those are the things I need to be reminded of on the not-so-good days, and those are the things I want to look back on one day when my baby is no longer a baby.

4 thoughts on “Little Moments in Lowe’s

  1. You are an amazing mom, I am very proud of you. Enjoy every moment for they end way too soon.

  2. Oh Heidi, thanks for sharing this. I love to be reminded to savor those little moments. And, your brother’s comment about this post on facebook really made me laugh out loud…!

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