Special Occasions

Beach Baby

Last month we got to take a little Spring Break beach trip. We headed down to my grandma’s house in Englewood. I’ve been vacationing there my entire life, and it’s just the most beautiful place. Mike’s brother & wife and my brother & his wife came along, so it was a big family trip. 

I had this genius idea to try to do a mini photo shoot of Lincoln on the beach. Yeah. That didn’t go so well. Here’s my one good photo of him.

And then this happened. Typical Lincoln. Happy unless I point a camera at him.

Definitely has some “boat hair” going on here.

And last weekend we took the boat out here at home with Jimmy, Brandy & the kids. Lincoln just adores them. Lexie & Isaac have always called us Aunt Heidi & Uncle Mike. At some point a year or so ago, she figured out that we’re not really related. But ever since I had Lincoln, she likes to say, “He’s my cousin. My REAL cousin, right?” 

I love this time of year, because it means lots of time spent outside and lots of boat days!