Special Occasions

My Little Love

We have four more months of “firsts” to enjoy. Monday was Lincoln’s first Valentine’s Day! I know he’s too young to understand or enjoy holidays, but I think it’s still fun to start traditions with him. 

Here’s how the fun went down. His Aunt Stephanie made him an adorable little onesie for the occasion. I’ve decided that she needs to be his crafty mommy and I’ll be his regular mommy. I love to be creative & crafty, but being a working momma doesn’t allow much time for those projects. Thankfully Stephanie comes to his rescue & makes him adorable, hand-made things from time to time.

I got up & made breakfast for Mike. I’m not even close to being a morning person, so this does not happen very often. I usually mumble an “i love you” from bed as he’s leaving for work. I thought I would continue a tradition that my mom started when I was young. She always made us breakfast on Valentine’s Day and it usually consisted of heart-shaped pancakes or waffles. 

(Yes, I bought cheesy Valentine’s day dishes!)

My sweet husband wrote a little note for me :)

We attempted a mini photo shoot in the park, which didn’t end well. Lincoln refused to cooperate, but we managed to get a few photos anyways.

And I forgot to take a photo, but Saturday night my hubby took me out on a Valentine’s date! We did a little shopping, had an amazing dinner and even had some Coldstone for dessert. We had a little more than 5 hours all to ourselves! A quiet, baby-free evening. I have to admit that we spent half that time talking about how much we love Lincoln. It’s kind of pathetic! Hopefully, we’ll do better at making these date nights happen more often!