Watch me Grow

Eight Months

Dear Lincoln,

I have no idea where the past 8 months have gone. It’s so hard for me to believe that we’ll be planning your first birthday party soon! You are learning new things on what seems like a daily basis right now. You can finally get up on all fours and crawl forward, but you usually use other methods of transportation. You like to roll, army crawl, scoot; just about any little wiggle to get you from point A to point B will do. A week or so ago I walked in to get you out of your crib, and there you were sitting up in your bed. That’s your favorite trick now. You love to sit up when I’m trying to make you lay down & sleep. 

You’ve been saying dada for a while now, but I think you’re almost starting to associate it with your daddy. Your other word is baba, although you don’t know what it means yet. You just yell it out randomly. Still no mama. I’m waiting, kid.

Speaking of yelling, you’re getting so loud. You babble and talk so much. Sometimes you yell just to get our attention. Your favorite toys are the ones that make noise, but even if we hand you something that doesn’t make any noise, you make it noisy by banging it against something. The cute little piano we bought you for Christmas? Well instead of playing the keys with your fingers, you take the microphone that came with it and bang the keys with that.

Just yesterday you started trying to pull yourself up on the furniture in the living room. We’re in trouble now. I think I should buy you a helmet, because you’re always falling down these days. 

I can tell how much you love your daddy by how excited you get when he comes home. If he walks in the door from work and doesn’t immediately go pick you up & hold you…..oh boy. You let out some pitiful cries. I can tell how much you love me by how you act when you first wake up in the mornings. You cry & cry until your daddy brings you to me. As soon as we start to cuddle, you’re quiet. 

You’re an incredible little guy.



P.S. Your daddy & I STILL look at you every single day and talk about how amazed we are by you!

P.S.S. You have two teeth now!

No smiles for his 8 month photo. I have no idea what was going on this morning, but he wouldn’t have smiled if I paid him. I guess he was feeling serious.