Special Occasions

First Christmas

When Mike & I got married in 2004, I can remember being so excited about our first Christmas together. We had only been married about 6 weeks when the holiday rolled around, and it was so much fun. The next Christmas was pretty exciting as well. I loved getting to decorate my own home, go pick out a Christmas tree, subject Mike to lots of Christmas music that he hated. So much fun. After those first two years, it just didn’t seem the same. Obviously, I know what the real meaning of Christmas is and was happy to celebrate that, but the festivities just started to feel kind of blah. Thanks to my little baby boy, the joy & excitement of Christmas was back this year. We loved shopping for him. (Although we only bought him one thing & some stocking stuffers since I knew he would be getting tons from family) We let him look at the tree & help Mike put the star on top. It was so much fun. I can’t help but to think that next year will be even better when he’s running around & can really rip open that wrapping paper!

Christmas Eve at my grandma’s

I think the family spent most of the night staring at Lincoln & his cuz Abriella. 

In his Christmas pj’s.

Christmas morning! Ready for presents!

3 stockings this year :)

First Christmas ornament from Paloma’s Nest on Etsy.

My favorite Christmas decor find this year. Sparkly birds from JoAnn’s. $2.99 each!

I should really have gotten up & put on some makeup. Yikes.

Twins ;)