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Put That Baby Down

I never guessed that when we became parents Mike would end up being the softy between the two of us. For the first 6 months of Lincoln’s life, we had zero bedtime issues. I would walk in the room, lay him down in bed, & then walk out. He would look around the room for a minute, & then he would go to sleep. Well once he got old enough to become more aware of his surroundings, he decided that he was going to switch things up a bit. Instead of lying there & going to sleep, he began watching us walk out of the room & then promptly screaming. I guess he decided that being alone was no fun, & he’d much rather have us near. 

I immediately started thinking about what our “sleep plan” would be. After some consideration, I decided that he really just needed to learn how to sleep on his own. As much as I love him sleeping with us, I don’t think that’s the best solution for our family. As much as I enjoy rocking him, I don’t think it’s a good habit for him to need to be rocked in order to fall asleep each night. This is obviously just my opinion and not gospel truth. I’m no child psychologist, but I’ve just tried to think through each challenge & come up with what I think is the best thing for Lincoln & for our family.

Basically I decided that we would go in periodically to soothe him & let him know that we were there, but we would not pick him up. This way he would learn to go to sleep on his own, in his own bed. In some ways, it would definitely be easier to just pick him up & bring him to bed with us, but I thought it was better if we nipped this sleeping problem in the bud. 

Usually when he starts crying again, Mike & I look at each other & say, “Not it! It’s your turn.” Mike lost on one particular evening, so he headed in to supposedly give Lincoln his pacifier, rub his back for a moment, & then leave the room. After several minutes I realized that Mike had never come back out of the nursery. I poked my head into the room and what did I see? Mike rocking Lincoln in the rocking chair. I quickly used my best whisper-yell voice and said, “Put that baby down!” The command was complete with lots of hand & head flailing. Mike just shook his head no and told me to leave the room.

I might have been annoyed that evening that Mike broke our “sleep plan” if it hadn’t been so funny & kind of sweet. He just couldn’t handle that our baby was upset & had to intervene. He still teases me about my shocked reaction and randomly yells at me,”Put that baby down!” 

Eating some oatmeal.

His first Magic game! Unless you count the two when he was in the womb. lol. He looks so cute in his Dwight Howard T-shirt. Much to my surprise, he actually watched most of the basketball game. And unfortunately, he seemed pretty interested in the dancers. I wish I was kidding.

Just chillin’.