It was only January 4th, and I already found myself struggling to keep my happy, hopeful new year attitude. All it takes is one or two annoying phone calls and a fussy baby to get me off track sometimes. Thankfully I decided to keep my promise to read my Bible every night, and this is what my devotional from Pastor Bob Coy said speaking about joy:

“…Faith is joy’s starting point. Joy is born and begins to grow when we place our confidence in the greatness of God, when we acknowledge all He’s capable of, and when we realize all His love accomplishes on our behalf. Joy, true transcendent joy, cannot be gained apart from an abiding trust in God. It’s like trying to produce light from darkness, it simply won’t happen. But joy abounds limitlessly for all who make the Lord their confidence. Where there is faith in Him, there is joy…”

So here I am on January 5th trying to get my attitude back in check, trying to make sure my confidence is in God. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time this year (or this week) that I have to do this.