I think I can, I think I can

So you’re probably totally over reading and hearing about people’s resolutions and goals for the new year. If that’s the case, you can just click away, because that’s exactly what this post is. I love to make lists. And I love to check things off. So resolution making is right up my alley. The only problem with resolutions is that most people (including me) tend to forget about them by February. I can tell you that I’m going to try extra hard this year to stick to what I said. Part of my being able to do that is because I didn’t say anything like “I’m going to exercise 7 days a week, lose 15 pounds, & climb Mt Everest this year”. I tried to be reasonable.

I hesitated to share my list because I have a bad case of FOF. (Fear of Failure) I think most people do. But after a long chat with my best friend this morning, I decided I would take the plunge & post it here for all to see. (All 10 of you.) By the way, these are just my personal goals & resolutions. I have another list for business. Owning a business means twice the work even at new years!

1. Be more organized – Really, I have the organization gene in me, I just let myself get too busy & too overwhelmed to tap into it.

2. Clean house every Monday – Why every Monday? Because I need a schedule. I hate schedules for the most part. I’d much rather just do things as I feel the need, but since becoming a mom, that whole fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing doesn’t work so well.

3. Give my living room, bathrooms & back yard a face lift – I have finally come to terms with the fact that we won’t be moving into a larger house any time soon. (It will be at least two more years I think, if not more) This realization led me to the other realization that I just need to work on making my current home what I’d like it to be. These facelifts will have to fall into the DIY & el cheapo category, but that makes it even more fun…at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

4. Eat at home more often – Keeping this goal will require me simplifying my life a little. Eating out is a convenience thing. If I become more organized and keep up with grocery shopping each week, it won’t be a big deal. 

5.Read my Bible every single day, no excuses – I love reading my Bible and studying it, but I just let chaos get in the way. Not this year. 

6. Read a book each month – This resolution was inspired and/or stolen from Kaitlyn’s list! I’ve always loved reading, but these past couple of years it has taken a back seat to college (where I only read text books), starting a business and now mommyhood. Reading is relaxing and it’s part of me giving myself more “me” time.

7. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier – By far the most difficult one on my list. I heart staying up late, I loathe mornings. I’m embarrassed to report that I haven’t managed to make it to bed before midnight so far, but I’ll keep trying.

8. Pay off credit cards – Ugh. Don’t even want to talk about this one. For the first three years of our marriage we never ever kept a balance on our credit cards. Then life pooped on us a few times and we had to use them. There were a few stupid impulse buys in there as well, but mostly life sucking. This goal should really be #1. It’s really important to me.

9. Work out 3 times a week – Three days a week. Even I can do this. Even if I do have to bribe myself with ice cream. Just kidding! (not really)

10. Have two date nights a month – This may sound simple, but new baby + running two small businesses= not much alone time for me & the hubs. This needs to change.

11. Stick to our newly made budget – This budget will help me achieve #8. So far so good. I was totally that dork using a calculator & coupons at Publix this week.

12. Blog once a week – I really enjoy writing and I’ve really loved keeping an online record of my new life as a momma and all the joys/frustrations/ridiculousness that comes along with it. Going to attempt to do it more often.

So there you have it. Feel free to randomly ask me how I’m doing on these throughout the year. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer you with a smile. 2010 was difficult to say the least. I spent the last several weeks of the year trying to evaluate what went wrong. Honestly, most of the things that caused me frustration, hurt or pain were completely out of my control. (e.g. Surprise health problems and truck loads of medical bills) But the truth is that I can control some things that cause extra stress in life, and I can make some changes that will make me feel better about who I am as a person, wife & mom. So that’s really my ultimate goal for 2011. Feeling hopeful and excited for this fresh start!