Special Occasions

A Well Traveled Baby

Despite my clever post title, I’m not exactly sure that Lincoln is well traveled yet, but he has managed to visit Georgia and West Virginia in the first 4 months of his life. Not too bad for an infant. Last week the two of us flew by ourselves up to visit one of my very best friends, Stephanie, and her family. I mentioned that “by ourselves” part because it is interesting flying alone with a baby. 

I don’t know about other moms, but I find it difficult just getting through Target with my baby some days, so the fact that we survived the airport is pretty amazing. Mike helped me get in the door with Lincoln, my enormous suitcase, the baby stroller & 2 carry ons.

After helping me check my suitcase, Mike had to leave us since he wasn’t allowed to go through security. Here’s where it gets interesting. I’m pushing the stroller and carrying my 2 carry ons as we head up to security. I now have to get my boarding pass & ID out as well as the bottle of milk for Lincoln so they can check it out. I ask if I just push the baby & the stroller through the metal detector. Ummm, no. They tell me to remove the baby and fold up the stroller so it can go on the conveyor belt. Alright. Remove my shoes, place carry ons on conveyor, remove baby from stroller, fold stroller & place on conveyor belt, place bottle on conveyor belt, attempt to not lose boarding pass in all the chaos. As soon as I get Lincoln out of his stroller, he decides he’s tired of holding his head up and bashes it on my shoulder. So now I’m walking through the metal detector with a screaming child. I get on the other side, put my shoes back on, unfold stroller, get bags off of conveyor belt, place screaming child back into stroller. Nope. Not having it. Remove screaming child from stroller, place bags in stroller instead and hold the baby. So now I’m pushing my bags and holding my baby. Not quite what I had in mind when I brought the stroller along, but it worked. 

Once we were on the plane, he did ok. He was a bit fussy since I had to wake him from 2 naps in order to get to the airport. Waking a napping kid is pretty much the worst idea ever, and I paid for it on the plane ride. He wasn’t terrible, but he was restless, and I was trying to bounce & shush while remaining seated in the very tight quarters of our seat.

Thankfully we were sitting next to an older lady who seemed very kind and understanding of the situation. I don’t think we annoyed too many people. Maybe a few though. 

All the craziness of traveling was worth it to get to see Steph, David, Parker & Graham. We absolutely love them, and we had a blast spending time together and letting the boys play. 

The day I was flying home went much better since he took a nice nap right before we left for the airport. He was perfect. Everyone around us was saying how good he was being. Whew. Much better than our flight up! 

Here are a few photos from our visit.

Lincoln threw up all over his shirt the instant Stephanie was about the take this picture. We ditched the shirt, so that’s why he’s half naked. When in West Virginia, do as the West Virginians do, right? Little chubby shirtless child of mine.

Lincoln & Graham are clearly uninterested in getting a nice photo of the four of us. 

Our three boys! So hard to believe that we’re both moms now.