Watch me Grow

Three Months Old

Dear Lincoln,

We’ve seen so many changes in you this past month. I have a feeling I’ll say that every month. You’re getting so big and tall. I prayed for a chubby baby and God certainly heard that prayer. Your chubby little thighs make me smile. You recently lost most of your hair, but you’re still beyond adorable. The lack of hair actually makes you look older somehow, which makes mommy kind of sad. I’m so excited to see you grow, but I must admit that I sometimes wish you’d stay my little newborn forever. Speaking of being a newborn, I guess I can’t call you that anymore now that you’re 3 months old. 

You just started to notice the alphabet wall that I worked so hard on for you. It makes me so happy to see you stare at it. You’re laughing a lot more these days. I love the sound of your giggles. You took your first trip to the beach and your first ride on the boat. 

My favorite moment with you this month was a few days ago when I was reading to you. Yes, I know you can’t understand what I’m saying, but it’s still fun to read to you. This time was different than every other time. You actually looked at the book in front of you and started to laugh so hard while I was reading it. I have no clue what you thought was so funny, but you & I sat in the rocking chair in your room laughing together. 

You’re a true joy, and your grandma calls you her “happy thought”. I couldn’t agree more.