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The Cell Phone Gallery

Before I had Lincoln, I almost never used the camera on my cell phone. Maybe it’s the photographer in me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to use that awful little thing. Now it’s full of photos of my baby boy. I was flipping through the gallery this week, and it was pretty amazing. It was like watching the story of his new little life. So here is a look at the first 3 months of Lincoln’s life according to my cell phone.

9-12-09: The test. The line was so very faint, but there’s a pregnancy test rule that says “a line is a line”. I think I texted this to Stephanie that morning.

12-23-09: Another pic I texted to Steph to show her how “big” I was. Ha! If I only knew how much bigger I would get!

5-25-10: Still in the hospital. So chubby & so much hair compared to what he has now.

5-26-10: Right after we brought him home.

5-30-10: So tiny. 

5-31-10: Mike dressed him this morning. He was swimming in that onesie and now it will barely snap.

6-6-10: First smile caught on camera.

6-10-10: Fast friends.

6-21-10: Chillin’ on mommy’s lap while she works.

7-6-10: A sleeping baby is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

7-14-10: No explanation needed.

7-20-10: He loves to sleep with his arms this way. Wearing the silly onesie we used to tell my brothers they were going to be uncles. That day seems so long ago now. “I obviously get my good looks from my uncles”.

7-27-10: Napping was pretty rare at this point in his life & definitely photo worthy.

7-30-10: I could kiss that face all day long.

7-31-10: Getting ready to swim for the first time.

8-10-10: The poor boy had such a funky head with all that awful cradle cap.

8-19-10: Sleeping before a car ride. Cradle cap is gone, but so is all his hair!

I can’t believe my sweet boy will be 3 months old tomorrow! He’s changed so much in the first 3 months, it’s hard to imagine all the changes that are going to be coming in the next 3 months.