Watch me Grow

Two Months Old

Dear Lincoln,

You’re two months old! There’s so much to say about the past month. You smile and giggle a lot more now. You definitely smile at us instead of only at random inanimate objects like the ceiling fan, although you’re still pretty into that fan. Your adorable hair has thinned out a bit, and mommy’s just waiting on it to come back. Last week I heard you talking so I walked toward you to pick you up. As soon as you saw my face, you got a huge smile on your face. I just melted! You are definitely starting to recognize faces, and I even saw you smile at the toys hanging from your bouncy seat today. You’re not really into riding in the car, but mommy figured out a way to help you not stress so much. (See the post below!) You’ve gotten so tall that it’s getting difficult for me to hold you with only one arm like I’m used to doing! So much has changed.

This past month has been pretty difficult too. There’s a lot going on with your daddy that you don’t understand right now. While having a newborn during this time has added some challenges to my life, the happiness you bring us far outweighs that. I can’t even tell you the comfort I feel when I cuddle you or the way you make your daddy and me feel when we hear you coo or see you smile. Your little life has bought so much joy to a pretty hard time. We wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. 

I’ve said it already and I’m sure I’ll say it throughout your life, but I just can’t even count how many times your daddy & I look at each other and say how much we love you! Oh, and there’s certainly no way I could count how many kisses we give you every day. You’re such a sweet boy.



2 months:

12lbs 6oz (85th percentile)

23 1/4 inches (80th percentile)

3 shots today. Ouch! You let the nurses know what you thought about that!