Watch me Grow

One Month Old

This is a little late, but Happy One Month birthday to my sweet baby. He’s actually 6 weeks old today, but life was a little too hectic for blogging when he was turning 1 month old. Better late than never.

He’s grown so much already. I can’t believe how quickly he’s changing. He’s bigger and much more alert. He now flashes an adorable smile at us several times a day. He’s doing his best to hold his head up on his own. He occasionally giggles although we’re not sure what’s so funny.

He still hates diaper changes, and eating is still his favorite pastime. (As you can tell from the chub & rolls) He’s starting to be able to see more. He follows me with his eyes when I walk by him in his swing. He loves to stare at his mobile. He’s a pro at busting his hands out of his swaddler. He always turns his head towards me when he hears my voice. He’s basically the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to us.

His 1 month photo:

Looking back. His first day at home: