Special Occasions

First Father’s Day

Everyone knows what yesterday was. Father’s Day, of course. This year was really special since it was Mike’s first year being a daddy and the first year the grandpas were grandpas.

We started our morning out watching Mike open his gifts. He got a new golfing outfit and a cute photo book filled with pictures of Lincoln’s first month of life. Since Mike has to be at church early, he left right after opening his gift. It was just me & Lincoln trying to get ourselves ready for church. Let me tell you, it took every bit of two hours to get us out the door. That’s an entirely different post. Anyways, it was Lincoln’s first time at a Sunday morning service, so it was really a special day.

After church we took the grandpas out to lunch to celebrate, then I hung out with my mom & dad while Mike & his brother took their dad golfing. By the way, I must have done a great job picking out Mike’s golfing attire, because the older ladies who took his money at the clubhouse commented on how stylish he was ;)

There’s so much I could say about Mike as a husband and a father. Of course I always knew he would be great at both, but he has honestly exceeded my expectations in every way. He’s so helpful around the house (He actually does most of the laundry), and he’s amazing with Lincoln. He’s calm, patient and he’s not too macho to give Lincoln kisses and use baby talk when necessary. On the surface, Mike & my dad seem very different from each other, but even though my dad’s more Mozart and Mike’s more Van Halen, they share so many great qualities. It’s amazing how much Mike reminds me of my dad as I watch him learn to be a daddy to Lincoln. I’m incredibly blessed to have those two in my life. I told my dad he’s the reason I knew how to choose such a great husband. He always modeled love and kindness, and he & my mom made sure our home was a fun place. Mike is the same way.

And of course I have to mention my father-in-law. He instilled an incredible work ethic in my husband and was a living example of what a dedicated husband and father looks like. Even though he was busy running a business, he always made time to coach little league and take the boys to tae kwan do. He showed Mike that it’s okay for dads to not grow up too much by taking them on four wheelers, sea doos and camping trips. He raised my husband right, and I owe so much of my happiness to him & Sharon.

Happy Father’s Day to my hubby, dad & father-in-law. Lincoln is beyond blessed to have all of you in his life.

Lincoln with dad, grandpa & Uncle Brian. Let’s just say that he was ready to eat when we were trying to take these pictures, so he was less than impressed with our little                                                                photo shoot.

                               With his other grandpa.

    Getting desperate. Trying to eat his own hands at this point.

 With Uncle Chris, Grandpa & dad. Uncle Tyler was en route to Honduras, so he didn’t                                            get to be in the photos :(

                                        My boys :)

    See what I mean. Not into taking pictures! He’s in for a long life with me!