The First Week

Lincoln is 1 week old today! Here are some things from our new adventure that I want to always remember from this week:

1. My water breaking – I was asleep on the couch last Sunday afternoon when a contraction woke me up. It was the first painful contraction I had felt. It shocked me, so I stood up off the couch. As soon as I stood, my water broke. It wasn’t that little trickle down your leg they show on the movies. We’re talking buckets. I yelled for Mike. He came out of the office with a smile on his face, knowing what was happening by the tone of my voice. What’s going on? He said. Well I either just peed my pants A LOT or my water broke. He followed me around the house with towels. I know you were worried about losing your baby weight. I think you’ve already lost 5 pounds!

2. The first time the laid Lincoln on my chest – I had about 14 hours of labor with almost 3 of them being pushing. I did about 7 in the beginning with no medication and the last hour with the epidural wearing off. We didn’t know that the cord was wrapped around Lincoln’s neck. It wasn’t tight enough to cause him to go into distress, but it was enough to make it darn near impossible to get him out of the birth canal. Every time I pushed he would come down, then slowly go back up. Basically, all of my pushing was barely inching us forward. The nurse said it was 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

I had been really calm and collected during this whole ordeal. I was so proud of myself for how quiet & focused I had been. After 2 hours of pushing, I lost my calm. I started crying & I honestly believed he would never come out. There seemed to be no progress. Also, since the epidural had worn off I was now feeling everything and all the contractions. I have honestly never felt that much pain & exhaustion before. There is no way to even descricbe it. Finally, I was able to get his head out enough that the doctor could see the cord. He said “well there’s our problem”. He used the kiwi suction tool on one of my next pushes to help his head out enough that he could remove the cord. A few pushes later and everyone started yelling about how close we were. At this point, I could feel that he right there and I literally couldn’t stop pushing. I told the doctor that I needed to push, so he said to keep going. Finally, at 8:15 am, Lincoln Michael was born. He weighed 9lbs 1oz & was 21 inches long. The doctor was shocked. We were thinking he would be 8 lbs at the most.

They laid him on my chest and I have never cried like that in my life. I couldn’t quit crying. I’m sure I sounded like a crazy woman. I was in so much pain, so excited, so happy, so relieved. I can’t even explain that moment. Mike said I wouldn’t quit saying, “my baby, my baby”, but I don’t even remember. It was surreal. 

Also, Lincoln knew who I was immediately. He had been screaming as the nurse worked on him getting him weighed, measured & cleaned up. When she set him on my chest the second time, he immediately quit crying and looked right at me. He knew I was his mommy, and there is no feeling in the world like that one.

3. Watching daddy fall in love – I think as a woman, I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom. I dreamed of Lincoln and what it would be like to hold him & love him. For men, it doesn’t become real until they can hold that baby in their arms. My greatest joy this week has been watching my husband realize how much he loves being a dad. I’ll walk into the room and catch him just staring at Lincoln while he sleeps. I can’t even count how many times he’s looked at me and said, I just love him. Watching him learn to change diapers and seeing him kiss the baby’s forehead have just made my heart happy.

4. Watching our families fall in love – Lincoln will never lack love, that much I know. His Uncles (Michael,Brian, Tyler & Chris) and Aunts (Caimbrin & Lauren) have just glowed as they have had the chance to hold him. His grandparents and great grandparents are beside themselves with joy. He also has two adopted Aunts (Stephanie & Brandy) that have given him lots of love. Seeing our families so happy to welcome our new little member has been amazing.

5. Just staring at him – Mike & I have spent countless hours this week just staring at Lincoln. Talking about who he looks like (Me. hehehe), watching him make funny faces, kissing all over his face. Pure bliss. 

So many more things I could say, but these are the highlights of my first week as a mommy.