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Another Mom Blog

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just what the Internet needs. Another mom blogger. Well, this blog is definitely more for me than you. Although I hope my life and thoughts are interesting enough to make some people want to read, if they’re not, that’s okay too. 

I need an outlet. Of course I have a blog and Twitter account for my business, but let’s face it, no one wants to read about my life if they’re there to hire me as their photographer. And honestly, it’s probably not appropriate to talk about swelling, constipation, weight gain, poopy diapers and all the other things that are a part of the daily life of a pregnant lady and new mom in the professional arena. Okay, it’s definitely not appropriate. 

So this blog will serve as my outlet. A place to complain about the joys of these last few weeks of pregnancy. A place to reflect on the last 37 weeks. A place to gush over my kid. A place to discuss sleep deprivation. One day I’ll show my kid. Hopefully he’ll appreciate the insight into his mommy’s world at the time of his birth and childhood. Or maybe he’ll be mortified. We’ll see.