39 week update

After delivering the lovely jug of urine and having my blood drawn this morning, I finally have some results back. No signs of preeclampsia, and I’m very thankful for that. Pre-E can be really dangerous for both mom and baby, so thank God that’s not the case here. If that would have been the case, I would have been induced tomorrow or Sunday. It would have been nice to know for sure that I would see Lincoln, but an induction is always riskier than labor beginning naturally.

As far as my blood pressure, the doctor just said to take it easy and hang around my house this weekend. He said with the contractions I’ve been having, I could still certainly go into labor on my own over the weekend. If I don’t, he’ll see me Monday for my 40 week appointment. 

I’m so ready to get this going that being told to “take it easy” is not really what I want to hear. I want to go find some stairs to climb or some other physical activity that could potentially start labor. I’m definitely getting incredibly bored and impatient, but thankfully Mike will be home with me all weekend. He’s the entertainment committee, and I hope he has some activities planned or he’s going to be stuck with a bored, grumpy pregnant lady ;)

You want me to do what?

Remember in my very first post how I mentioned some things may be a little TMI on this blog? Well this will be one of those posts. You’ve been warned. It could also be classified as one of those things you just never knew were part of pregnancy.

Why do I write about these things? Well one day when Lincoln is a teenager driving me crazy or doing something particularly naughty, I will make him read these things and say Do you see what I endured to give you life & bring you into this world????? Yes, these memories will come in handy.

I went to my 39 week appointment yesterday expecting the usual. Step on scale, pee in cup, take blood pressure, hear baby’s heart beat, go home. Not so. We got stuck on step 3. For the first time in this pregnancy (or ever for that matter) my blood pressure was high. I was told that I was now on bed rest, meaning I am only allowed to get out of bed or off the couch to eat & shower. Before I knew it, the doctor was talking stress tests, induction, blood work & 24 hour urine collection. Wait. What?

Yes. I was given instructions to collect every bit of urine for a 24 hour period starting this morning. They sent me home with a giant orange jug which must be refrigerated. That’s right. There’s a jug of pee in my refrigerator. Kinda makes me not so hungry when I open it up & look for food. I won’t even get into the ridiculous logistics of having to pee into a Dixie cup when you have a belly like the one seen in my post below. We just won’t go there. 

So that’s my day. Peeing into a cup then dumping it into my big orange jug with lots of hand washing and sanitizing along the way. Tomorrow I will take my collection to the lab and then they will take my blood yet again. (That must make about 300 times that I’ve had to give blood to those vampires at the lab) After the doctor gets the results of the testing, he’ll call if he thinks I need to be induced over the weekend. My bags are packed, and I’m ready in case he says to get to the hospital on Saturday or Sunday. Thankfully, I’ve been having contractions already, and the doctor also said there’s a good possibility I’ll go into labor on my own before next week. Here’s hoping.

Lincoln, your mommy really loves you. I’ve had to do a lot of yucky things these past 9 months. All I ask in return is that you love me back and give me lots of hugs & kisses. Oh, and can you please come this weekend? I’m running out of things to watch on the DVR.

Hopefully my last belly photo

This photo was taken last week at 38 weeks pregnant. 

Lincoln, your mother is very uncomfortable and huge and tired of having a fat face. If you’d do me a favor and come this week, that would be fabulous. 

Apparently, I used to look like this. I don’t remember, but photos don’t lie, right?

They’re real, people

There are a lot of things that you think pregnant women are faking until you’ve been the crazy pregnant lady yourself. Pregnancy brain, extreme fatigue, food aversions & cravings to name a few. This post is about cravings & food aversions. They’re real, people. Undeniably real. 

In my first trimester I would literally gag if I even heard the words “Chick-fil-A”. Not kidding. This coming from a person who has always had an intense love affair with the Eat More Chicken franchise. For years I’ve been ordering the Number 5, 8 pack, with Polynesian Sauce. Love it. Until I became pregnant. 

I managed to make it all the way to my 3rd trimester before I experienced a real craving. This is perhaps one of the strangest occurrences of this whole 40 week ordeal. One day, I couldn’t stop thinking about…. Burger King. There, I said it. I was dreaming of food from what I typically considered the most disgusting of all disgusting fast food restaurants on the planet. 

And just what was it at BK that had my mouth watering? Chicken Fries. The nastiest thing on the menu at the nastiest fast food chain. And I wanted it. Bad. I was working from home the day the craving hit. I was wearing yoga pants and no makeup. I tried to think of a legitimate reason that I needed to leave home so that I could just happen to drive by BK and get something to eat. I could not think of a reason I needed to go out. So what did I do? I left the house with the sole intent of going through the drive thru. I waited in the line. I got my chicken fries and my Coke. I devoured them on the drive home, and I loved every bite. It was honestly like a little piece of heaven in a brown bag. That was a low point for me. 

A few days later I watched a TIVO’d episode of one of my favorite comedies, Community. The entire episode was about chicken fingers. It was 11:00 pm. I wanted those chicken fries from Burger King in the worst way. I was soooo close to asking Mike to go get them for me, but I decided I had to draw the line somewhere. I would not be THAT pregnant lady. 

Now you know about my pregnant addiction to chicken fries from Burger King. It’s shameful, I know. I am looking forward to the day when my taste buds are back in order and Chick-fil-A trumps Burger King any day.

Mother’s Day & My POAS Addiction

Yesterday as I was getting ready for church, I came across that positive home pregnancy test buried deep in a drawer. I’m not sure if it’s strange that I kept it, but I felt that little piece of plastic drastically changed my life, and I couldn’t toss it in the garbage. It was funny finding it, because it made me go back to September and remember the morning I took it.

I had gone from not wanting kids anytime soon to thinking it could be fun at some point to desperately wanting a baby in a matter of months. I can’t explain it, but it’s just the way it is. When we decided I should stop taking my pills, I was certain I would be pregnant immediately. (After all, weren’t we all made to feel that a boy just looking at us could impregnate us during our teen years? Or a public toilet seat. Remember that one?) Of course, what really happened was that it took a few months for my body to adjust to coming off of a hormonal birth control pill. And that’s when my POAS (pee on a stick) addiction began. 

I’ll never forget the first month we were trying to get pregnant and I bought a home pregnancy test. I took that thing way before you’re supposed to, and I bawled at the negative result. Pathetic? Yes. I’d say so. I took it right before I went to meet Mike for lunch, and I was determined not to tell him about my pathetic-ness. I sat quietly across the table from him. (This was probably the first clue that something was wrong) He asked what was going on. I said nothing, which in female language always means something. He’s a smart guy, so he kept asking knowing that little fun fact about women. I said You’ll think I’m being stupid if I tell you. He said No I won’t. Just tell me. (Cue the waterworks) I’m not pregnant! (sob, sob, sob) Well it’s only been a month. Were you really expecting to be? (sob, sob, sob) I don’t know, but it’s my mom’s birthday this week, and I really wanted to surprise her.

Poor Mike. Thank God, it was only a few short months until I found out I was pregnant. During those few short months, I must have spent a small fortune buying those darn tests, and every time I saw a negative I had a mini-breakdown. I became addicted to POAS. In light of this, Mike decided to ban home pregnancy tests from our household. I tell that story to explain why I hid the fact that I was going to take a test the morning it was actually positive. 

It was a Saturday morning. It was around 7:00 am. Yeah, I don’t like 7:00 am any day of the week, but especially on Saturday I try to sleep well past it if possible. But the POAS addiction had me wide awake. I knew it was early to test, but I bought one of those “test up to 5 days early” things hoping it would work. I snuck out of bed and quietly went to the bathroom to keep Mike from knowing what I was doing. Lo & behold, the faintest little pink line showed up on that test. I honestly thought I was seeing things since my eyes were still blurry from sleeping. 

After pacing the house for a while trying to decide if I should wake Mike to tell him, I went back into our room. I started to lightly rub his back just enough that I knew he would hear what I was about to say, but not enough to actually wake him up. I said, You’re going to be a daddy. His eyes became as big as saucers, and he was immediately awake. He still complains teasingly about the way I chose to announce it to him, but if you know us, it was the perfect way.

So that’s the story that was in my mind all morning yesterday on Mother’s Day. That’s where it all began. Now I sit here almost 38 weeks pregnant, and it feels like forever ago. That was one of the best moments of my life, and I know there are so many new “best moments” coming up very soon.

Now I’d like to take a moment to brag about how wonderful my husband is. I was not expecting anything for Mother’s Day yesterday since our baby is still “inside” at this point. I didn’t say a word about it, because I didn’t feel I had the right to ask for anything yet. Much to my surprise, Mike brought home a beautiful necklace that I had stopped to look at when we were shopping a while back. I was shocked, and it was so nice to be honored by my husband. He’s been a pretty amazing husband, and I know he’s going to be an incredible dad.


Another Mom Blog

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just what the Internet needs. Another mom blogger. Well, this blog is definitely more for me than you. Although I hope my life and thoughts are interesting enough to make some people want to read, if they’re not, that’s okay too. 

I need an outlet. Of course I have a blog and Twitter account for my business, but let’s face it, no one wants to read about my life if they’re there to hire me as their photographer. And honestly, it’s probably not appropriate to talk about swelling, constipation, weight gain, poopy diapers and all the other things that are a part of the daily life of a pregnant lady and new mom in the professional arena. Okay, it’s definitely not appropriate. 

So this blog will serve as my outlet. A place to complain about the joys of these last few weeks of pregnancy. A place to reflect on the last 37 weeks. A place to gush over my kid. A place to discuss sleep deprivation. One day I’ll show my kid. Hopefully he’ll appreciate the insight into his mommy’s world at the time of his birth and childhood. Or maybe he’ll be mortified. We’ll see.